My Review Policy

Thank you for your interest in having me review your book. I am currently accepting requests for reviews on a case-by-case basis.
Please note, you should expect an honest, critical review. My blog will feature both positive and negative feedback:
FTC Disclosure Statement: Books and ARCs received from authors, publicists, or publishers are provided to me free of charge in exchange for my review. This free product in no way influences my review. I do not receive monetary compensation for reviewing books.
I reserve the right to reject a review request for any reason. Acceptance of a book does not guarantee a review. The order in which I review books is at my discretion.
Genres that I am interested in reviewing:
Adult Literary Fiction
Historical Fiction
Genres that I will notaccept for reviews:
Auto-biographies/ Biographies
Short stories/ novellas
Self-published books
I will only accept hard copies/ arcs of books. I will not accept audiobooks.
My reviews will be posted on my blog and Google +. They mayalso be posted on Goodreads and/or Twitter.
Please give me 30 days to read and review your book. If you require a review by a certain date, please let me know up front.

Thank you again for your interest. If you have any questions and/or to request a review, please e-mail me at