2017 Book Review

Book Review: The Wanderers by Meg Howry

The Wanderers by Meg Howry

5 ⭐ ‘s from me

Goodreads Summary: “In four years Prime Space will put the first humans on Mars. Helen Kane, Yoshi Tanaka, and Sergei Kuznetsov must prove they’re the crew for the job by spending seventeen months in the most realistic simulation every created.
if not quite rightly. Sergei is willing to spend seventeen months in a tin can if it means travelling to Mars. He will at least be tested past the point of exhaustion, and this is the example he will set for his sons.Retired from NASA, Helen had not trained for irrelevance. It is nobody’s fault that the best of her exists in space, but her daughter can’t help placing blame. The MarsNOW mission is Helen’s last chance to return to the only place she’s ever truly felt at home. For Yoshi, it’s an opportunity to prove himself worthy of the wife he has loved absolutely,

As the days turn into months the line between what is real and unreal becomes blurred, and the astronauts learn that the complications of inner space are no less fraught than those of outer space. The Wanderers gets at the desire behind all exploration: the longing for discovery and the great search to understand the human heart.”


My Review:

I enjoy reading because it takes me to so many different places and times, so many adventures – and I suspect that is how many of you feel. It’s obviously the best part of being a bookworm! In The Wanderers, Meg Howry takes us on such a unique journey that I found myself totally immersed. (I have to admit that given all the new technology and the possibility that we could eventually go to Mars – I was already intrigued) 

This story follows the stories of three astronauts, Helen, Sergei and Yoshi, and their families as they prepare for a simulated trip to Mars. Howry so artfully explores the question of “who are you?”; The Astronauts and their families have the public image they portray, the studied version of themselves – purely scientific, and then their innate thoughts – but which one is real? Without giving too much away… This is a true exploration of the human identity and ones trueself – something that can only emerge when we are taken “out of this world” and pushed to the extreme. 

And, somehow, amongst all the tension this adventure presents, Howry finds humor – making it an even more delightful read. 

Even if you are not a sci-fi fan – which I definitely am not – you should pick this one up! Enjoy!

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