Literary Adventure: amazonbooks

Last weekend, I took a mini shopping adventure and decided to visit the new amazonbooks outside of Boston. Although I definitely believe we should continue to support our local bookstores, I wanted to check-it out.

Amazonbooks’ stock is based on top-ratings and bestsellers. This leads to a limited selection of books – so don’t expect to get an entire series of anything here. However, it is nice to see the covers of all of the books as opposed to the spines.

There are also no prices, you can scan your book at the kiosk or use the app on your phone. As an amazon prime member there are definitely cost benefits to this store – so if you are trying to stick to your book budget this could be a big benefit. But don’t expect to pay with cash – they have to have a way to verify your prime status. 

I do miss the personalization of your local bookstore manager’s recommendation. The employees here have to check an app to see if they even carry a book (there is currently no way to look it up yourself).

Finally, those of you who are fans of Peet’s coffee can get a treat here! And who doesn’t love coffee and a book?

It is definitely an experience, but make sure to support your local spots and of course, the library!! Have you been to an amazonbooks?

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