Kopp Sisters Series by Amy Stewart

These books grabbed my attention when I heard the interview on WBUR. I was intrigued by the way Amy Stewart stumbled upon the story of Constance Kopp and created this series (Click herefor the interview and some Boston history)
I am never one to skip around in a series, so I read both books back to back. That being said, I think you could actually read each book as a standalone novel and you wouldn’t feel lost in the storyline.
Girl Waits With Gun (Kopp Sisters Novel #1)

This novel is a great story of self-discovery with a mystery twist. Constance Kopp and her two sisters are living alone and pick a fight with the wrong crowd. As Constance faces their troubles and finds herself to a courageous investigator who won’t be threatened, you will find yourself falling in love with Amy Stewart’s characters. All sisters have a unique outlook on life, while Sheriff Heath is a warm-hearted man who tolerates the sisters’ shenanigans and helps Constance discover her true calling all Constance solves a mystery…Definitely an easy and fun read.
Lady Cop Makes Trouble(Kopp Sisters Novel #2):
In this second novel, Constance struggles to be the provider for her family in a male -centered job. I couldn’t help but notice the similarities between Constance’s workplace woes and those hardships still facing workingwomen today. Somehow, Amy Stewart creatively intertwines the struggles facing women in the workforce with the mystery and comedic elements of the first Kopp novel. Constance faces a workplace error and male critique all while balancing the needs of her family.  Sound familiar? Don’t worry, the novel still keeps you wondering who/what/when as Constance develops her investigatory skills. I hope we get to follow her on a new case soon…

Both books are fun  (3.5 star) reads and great for an easy rainy day read (and of course with a cup of coffee).

Happy Reading!

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