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Mystery Magic

I was incredibly excited to see the beginning of casting announcements for the BBC One adaptation of Robert Galbraith’s (a.k.a J.K. Rowling’s) Cormoran Strike’s series today! 

I am definitely on “the books are always better than the movie” team, but still find myself anxious to see the mysteries play out on screen. Tom Burke you have some big shoes to fill – well at least when compared to my imagination! 

Now I have to admit that I was reluctant to begin this series, despite being such a Harry Potter fan. When J.K. Rowling branched out, I pre-ordered The Casual Vacancy, but simply could not get through it. I still feel somewhat guilty for not finishing.  Even when my mom said that I had to read the Cormoran Strikes Series and she loved them, it took her physically handing me the book to actually begin.

And…I am so glad she pushed me. Once I began, I simply couldn’t put these books down. The series gave me the same feelings that I get when reading Agatha Christie – that feeling of trying desperately hard to beat the detective to solving the mystery before they do/the author let’s you know. The modern day gruffness of J.K. Rowling’s lead detective, Cormoran Strike, is perfectly juxtaposed with his secretary, Robin Ellacott. The romantic workplace tension between these two leading characters somehow works to soften the impending dangers they face.

My favorite of the series (so far) is the first – The Cuckoo’s Calling. I couldn’t get enough. The second mystery – The Silkworm – I will probably seem slow at first, but, trust me, by the end you will be sad it’s over. Then comes the third, Career of Evil. The pace in this one was intense and simply delectable. And the ending well – I must have re-read it three times trying to figure out just where J.K Rowling was leaving us…come on Book #4!!

Pick these ones up at the Library for your weekend binge read and let me know what you think.

Happy Reading!

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